Sunday, 3 February 2013

Diary: February 2013

2/2/13 L-dopa dose too low so increase to night and one in morning (125 mg). Pains on 1/2/13 as bad as ever been, partly because of spending hours on knees painting roof?

3/2/13 2×125 mg L-dopa in the morning. Very uncomfortable during day unless working outside pruning raspberries. A sense of desperation as I search for some way to relieve the constant tensions in my major muscles. Spend some time last night searching for information on muscle relaxants.In general, not sleeping as well as previously and I suspect amitriptyline is no longer working. It certainly doesn't seem to have any effect on my aches and pains. I read during my research that clonazepam ceases to be effective if used for long periods. Over the last week I have generally taken clonazepam and amitriptyline early in the evening followed at bedtime by L-dopa only. I am still trying to find the optimum dose of L-dopa.
4/2/13: reduce clonazepam to 1 in evening and amitryptiline to 25mg. L-dopa 125mg morning and early evening.
6/2/13: increase L-dopa (syn, for co-careldopa) to x3per day. Muscle cramps quite bad and fumbling noticeable. Sleep adequate.
8/2/13: Sleep v poor with constantly tensioning muscles in legs and shoulders. Drugs as 6th. Symptoms of fumbling worst in late morning during and after exercises presumably coincide with max L-dopa blood concentrations? Prompts Q yet again: is L-dopa making me worse? It has no effect on muscle cramps which are seriously lowering my life quality. Do I need Dantrolene for chronic muscle spasm? (